Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Micah's 1st!

Micah had his first swim (or anything) class today and he did FANTASTIC!!! He went under, blew bubbles, made friends, played with Malachi (the only friend he likes he says), floated on his back, and obeyed his teacher! Watching Micah is quite entertaining. Unlike Ethan who would simply sit on the step while awaiting instructions, Micah chewed on a rubber duckie, played with his feet, and talked. He was in his own "Micah" world. I will have to remember my camera next time. I love how he wears his goggles right above his eyes if his eyes aren't going under. Just like a little olympic swimmer getting ready!

Oh and the boys were so excited that they were fully dressed and ready to go at 7:15am for the 9:30am start time!

I am a proud mama!

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