Monday, August 3, 2009

The little things

So, this bag.

Shopping Coolers - Polyester Outer Fabric

Has been on my mind, to say the least! I first saw this bag months ago at Costco. To look at it, it doesn't seem like anything, but what you can't see is how freakin' big it is and the fact that it is insulated. Oh and it only costs $8 + change. So, I saw it and thought hey this would be nice, but its not that cute. That thing could get me to the pool with the kids with only ONE BAG in tow. What a glorious thought! Then I thought..... "I have a budget, I like cute bags and if I found this there is bound to be one that I 'loved' and not just liked...blah, blah."

Time passes and we go to the pool often with and without friends. And always with my 2-3 bags with stuff spilling out of them. Sure enough one friend brought that bag with them to our pool playdate and immediately I saw firsthand how much stuff I could cram into it. I had to have one. Who cares what it looked like. The practicallity of it far outweighed my need to "love" it. Sure enough, mid summer is here and Costco is doing away with last season's "stuff" and bringing in the new "seasonal" stuff. After talkin this bag up to Blake and my need to have it, it is nowhere to be found. I knew it. Allowing a great deal to slip through my hands is not something that I am used to doing. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I would have to wait. Surely, they will be back next Spring! Right?

So, it turns out that this last weekend my cousins are in town and the plan is to go to Clovis Lakes. I didn't think too much of it b/c we don't have the cash so we weren't gonna go. It turns that my mom got an amazing deal and treated us! Yay! and Oh, I am tired already just by thinking all of the stuff we need to pack. Yeah, we bring it ALL. We buy N O T H I N G!

I decide that Saturday morning (before Lakes opens) I will make one last search for the bag while running my errands. At 9:30am on the dot I call the Costco in Clovis to ask if it is in their inventory twice. Neither time does anyone answer. "God, do I make the drive and sacrifice the time and gas?" I head out, get there and I was like a woman possessed inside. I searched the middle b/c that is where they once were. nothing. glimpsed to the non food side and saw the "left over" seasonal stuff and I was renewed. Then, I couldn't believe it! There it was all by its lonesome on top of a cooler in a blue hawiian type, flowery print! I pick it up not even believing it! I took some time to walk around to find their actual place and found nothing. It must have been the last one.

I am willing to bet that if someone had picked up one of my calls they wouldn't have found it and I never would have gone to that Costco at all. God is in the little things. I cannot type how much that bag has been on my mind. And the next time that I would have seen my friend with all of her stuff in it.... well... I just can't remember something that I have coveted as much as this. Lame I know. To top it all off... It is the color and print I would love for it to be! YaY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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