Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One last load

I despise laundry, but feel so accomplished when it is done. Some do a load or 2 a day. I have one day where I wipe it all out. No, we do not have a ton of clothes.... we have tops and some bottoms. Bottoms are to be worn OUT... KWIM? By the end of laundry day my whole house is in a better condition because I have to go around picking up the various things left around the house. Gotta admit that MOST of it does hit a hamper. Actually, it is my husband's stuff that lays around the house.

So, I actually had "laundry night" last night and got it all done, but noticed something odd. I did not have one article of clothing in any of it. NOT A ONE! Where was it all? And yet the 4 or 5 loads seemed like the "usual" amount. This morning it occurred to me. I did not empty what is "supposed" to be mine and Blake's hamper out. And there you have it, all of my clothing right where it is supposed to be. Today, I got irritated. It had been a while sense I made a hissy over Blake's scattered clothing. I have just gotten used to all of the usual spots and picking them up. Oh, but today it meant that I had just one last load.

Oh sure it wasn't really his fault that I didn't get to our hamper, but ugh. The amount of time I spend.... done.

All better.

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